Meilene Lin-Plebuch
UI/UX Designer

I am a game designer, producer and recent graduate of  Academy of Interactive Entertainment.

I focus on UI/UX design and production. My work reflects the wishes of my team and allows the player to feel engaged and immersed. 

I believe that having clear communication and passion for creating an inspiring experience for both gamers and developers is key for memorable games. 


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So far I have worked on a bunch of smaller projects and game jams. These games include; The Yeti-ing and Heat of the Moment. A few of the longer term games I have worked on include; Lost Circus, Delirium, Bone Zone and Escape the Fire.


I am currently working as a Game Master at Time Escape in Seattle. I have experience leading a group of designers, artists and programmers to create video games for a prompt while on a deadline. 


I am proficient at project management, Adobe XD, Unity UI/UX, Unity and P4V troubleshooting, documentation, project analysis reports, Microsoft Office, and public speaking.

Game Jams